Region 14

Region 14 is done and now we just prep for Canada! I believe it was the best Region 14 shows we have ever had and we congratulate everyone on their fantastic rides!!



Tazzer +++/ and Jen

Champion- Gelding Halter ATH

Reserve Champion- SHUS AOTR

Top 5- SHIH Gelding ATH



Kentucky Moonshyne + and Holly

Top 5- SH Show Hack

Top 5- SHIH Gelding


1st- Hunter AAOTR


Movado BA ++ and Viktoria

Champion- Gelding Halter JTH

Reserve Champion- SHIH Gelding Open and ATH

Top 5- SHUS Show Hack



Patriot V ++++// and Lorie

Reserve Champion- SHUS Open

Top 5- SHUS Show Hack

Top 5- SHIH Gelding Open


Sierra Midnite ++// and Kat

Champion- Western Pl JOTR

Champion- Western Equitation

Top 5- Western Horsemanship

Top 5- Western Sidesaddle

Top 5 - SHIH Mares



Diamonds Afire ++ and Jen

Champion- SHIH Stallions Open

Reserve Champion- SHIH Stallions ATH

Top 5- Country Pl Select



Xanadus Whimsical + and Elise

Reserve Champion- Mare Halter JTH



Augustara Bey +++/ and McCartney

Reserve Champion- SH Show Hack


Top 5 - SHIH Mares JTH


Hottlanta and Jen

Reserve Champion- SHIH Mares ATH

Top 5- SHIH Mares Open


KW Kharisma + and Kat

Reserve Champion - Gelding Halter JTH




Region 13

After many years of not attending Region 13, we decided to give it a shot!!! It turned out to be well worth it! 


Diamonds Afire++ and Jen

Champion- Country Pl Select 


KW Kharisma+ and Kat

Unanimous Champion- Hunter Pl JOTR

Top 5 - Hunter Pl JTR
Top 5 - Gelding Halter


Movado BA ++ and Viktoria

Champion- Gelding Halter JTH


Sierra Midnite ++// and Kat

Top 5 - English Sidesaddle

Top 5- Western JOTR

Top 5 - Western Horsemanship

Region 13 Sport Horse/ Hoosier Classic

We had the best Region 13 Sport Horse Championship Show ever!!! Congrats to everyone on their huge wins!!!


Movado BA++ and Viktoria

Champion- SHIH Gelding Open & ATH


Champion- Gelding Halter

1st- SHIH Geldings, Sidesaddle



Kentucky Moonshyne + and Holly

Champion- SHUS AOTR

Top 5 - Sport Horse Show Hack and SHUS Open

1st- Hunt AAOTR
2nd- Hunt ATR



Xanadus Whimsical + and Elise

Champion- SHIH Mares Open and ATH

3rd- Hunter Pl ATR, SHUS ATR, SH Show Hack



Patriot V++++// and Lorie

Champion- Sport Horse Show Hack

Reserve Champion- SHIH Open and ATH

Top 5- SHUS Open

1st- SHUS Open



Tazzer+++/ and Jen

Top 5 - SHUS ATR and AOTR

1st- Hunt Seat EQ AATR



Hottlanta and Jen

Reserve Champion- SHIH Mare ATH

Top 5- SHIH Open

1st- Hunter AOTR



Diamonds Afire ++ and Jen

Top 5 - SHIH Stallions Open and ATH

1st- Country Pl



Sierra Midnite ++// and Kat

Reserve Champion- SHIH Open


1st- Western ATR and Sidesaddle



Augustara Bey+++/ and McCartney

Top 5- SHIH Mares


1st Hunt Seat Medal



KW Kharisma + and Kat

Top 5- SHIH Open and ATH

1st- Hunt Open, ATR, JTR, AOTR

Reserve Champ- Gelding Halter

SAHIBA Spring Show

Congrats to everyone on a great SAHIBA Show! All horses and riders got all of their qualifications for Regionals! Woohoo!!!!


Movado & Viktoria~ Supreme Champion SHIH(score 87!), Champion SHIH Gelding Open & ATH, 1st SHIH Geldings, SH Show Hack, SHUS JTR, Hunter JOTR, Reserve Champ SHUS JTR

Xanadus Whimsical + & Elise~ Champion SHIH Mares & SHUS JTR, 1st SHIH Mares Hunter, 1st Hunt Eq and JTR 14-18, Reserve Champ Hunter JTR and EQ JTR, 2nd SHUS JTR

KW Kharisma+ & Kat~ Champion Hunter JTR, 2nd Hunter JOTR, 1st Halter Geldings, W/ Lorie~ Reserve Champ Hunter Open

Kentucky Moonshyne & Holly~ 1st Hunter Pl ATR, 5th Hunter Select, 3rd Champion Hunter Open & AATR

Diamonds Afire++ & Jen~ Champion Country Pl, Reserve Champ SHIH Stallions Dressage Type, 1st Country Pl AOTR & ATR and SHIH ATH

Augustara By +++/ & McCartney~ Champion Hunt Eq, 1st Hunter JTR 13 & under, 2nd Halter Mares & Hunter Eq Medal, 3rd Champ SHUS JTR

Sierra Midnite ++/ & Kat~ Champion Western JTR, 1st Horsemanship, Sidesaddle, Western JTR, 3rd SHIH Dressage Mares

Hottlanta & Jen~ 2nd SHIH Dressage Mares, (3rd Supreme), 3rd Halter Mares ATH, 5th SHUS Novice & Hunter Champ

Patriot V +++/ & Lorie~ Reserve Champ SHIH Geldings, 2nd SHIH Geldings, 3rd Hunter Ladies

Yosemitee & Brinley~ 2nd SHUS Novice Horse, 4th Halter Mares, 4th Champion SHUS JTR, 5th SHIH Mares Hunter Type, 5th SH SHow Hack

Tazzer+++/ & Jen~ 4th SHUS ATR

Monster Truck & Lorie~ 2nd SHIH HA Dressage Type Geldings, 2nd SHUS Novice & Hunter Novice

Great job everyone!!!!

BAHA Spring Blast

The BAHA Spring Blast was a crazy start to the new show year!!! We had a great time and all the horses kicked some serious butt!!! Here are some of the results..... Thanks again to all of our wonderful clients that make this happen!!!


Patriot V+++/ & Lorie -Champion SHIH Hunter & Dressage Gelding, Champion SHUS Open

Xanadus Whimsical+ & Elise- Champion SHUS JTR, 1st-Hunt Eq, SHIH Mares JTH, 2nd- PB Halter Mares & Reserve Champion. W/ Grace- 4th Walk/Trot green rider & 11-14, W/ Tabitha- 3rd Hunt Eq 13 & under

Augustara Bey+++/ & McCartney-  Champion SHUS ATR, 3rd SHIH Mares and Halter Mares, 4th Open Hunter Champion, 2nd SH Show Hack

Movado BA & Viktoria- Res. Champion SHIH Hunter & Dressage Geld,1st SHIH JTH & ATH, 1st SHUS ATR & JTR, Reserve Champ Halter Geldings

Diamonds Afire++ & Jennifer - Champion SHIH Dressage Stallion, 2nd Country Pleasure

Just Breezin By+++/ & Lorie- Reserve Champion SHIH Dressage Mares, 2nd SHIH Dressage Mares, 3rd SHIH Hunter Mares

Hottlanta & Jennifer - Champion Hunter Pl Open, 1st Hunter Pl Open, 4th SHUS Novice Horse

Kentucky Moonshyne & Holly- Reserve Champion SHUS ATR, 3rd Hunter Champion, 2nd Hunter ATR, 3rd Hunter Open

Tazzer+++/ & Jennifer- 3rd SHIH Geldings Hunter Open & ATH, 4th Halter Geldings, 4th SHUS ATR

Sierra Midnite++// & Kat- 1st SHIH Mares JTH, 1st Western ATR, JTR, and Sidesaddle

KW Kharisma+ & Kat- Supreme Champion Halter Gelding, 1st Gelding Open, 2nd Hunter Pl JTR, 3rd Hunter Pl ATR

Yosemitee & Brinley- Reserve Champion SHUS JTR & Show Hack, 4th SHIH Mares JTH, 2nd Hunt Eq

Balizjan++// & Jane- Reserve Champion SHIH Hunter Stallions, 1st SHIH Hunter Stallions ATH, 3rd Dressage Stallions Open and ATH

Monster Truck & Lorie- Champion SHIH Hunter & Dressage Geldings(HA), 1st SHIH Open, JTH, ATH, 1st HA Halter Geldings, Champion HA Gelding, 2nd SHUS Novice Horse

What a great show, and thank you again to all the mom's, dad's, grandma's and grandpa's and friends that made this possible!!!! Crazy Fun!!!

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