Diamonds Afire wins National Champion Stallion!!


A HUGE congrats to our stallion Diamonds Afire++ on his National Championship, Reserve National Championship, and Top Ten. He was Champion in Sport Horse in Hand Dressage Type Stallions, Reserve in Hunter Type Stallions and Top Ten in a large and hugely competitive Country Pl Select class. He truely is a versatile horse with the greatest personality!! 

   To top off a great show, his first foal to hit the show ring under saddle brought home two Top Tens as well!! Hottlanta had a great show year with two Regional Top 5's and her two Top Tens. Her Top Tens were in Sport horse Jr Horse and Sport Horse Mares Dressage type in hand. We were super excited to see his foals rewarded in under saddle as well as in hand for conformation and ability!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds!!!


Legion of Honor Presentation at Region 14 2015


   At the Region 14 horse show the Firelight Team presented their Legion of Honor winning horses. The horses were all decorated with winnings that they have garnered throughout their show careers and each was introduced to the arena one at a time. The presentation was about 10 minutes long and very emotional as we have been with each of these horses through each and every class that gotten them to these awards today!! Congratulations to Tazzer +++/, Just Breezin By +++/, Patriot V +++/, Sierra Midnite ++//, KW Kharisma +, Xanadus Whimsical +, Augustara Bey++


Firelight Arabians has been asked to bring our Arabians to the 2013 Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horsepark, in Lexington, KY. We will be doing a daily demonstration in the covered arena to showcase many of the disciplines that Arabians are used in. We are using horses and riders from Firelight. This is an honor to be able to represent our breed to this international event. If you come to Breyerfest, please come by our stalls and visit with us and meet the show horses. We will have more on our schedule as it becomes available.


Congratulations Holly Kratzenberg!

Congratulations to Holly on her purchase of the talented show gelding, Kentucky Moonshyne! They have a huge show career ahead of them, so watch for them this year! We are so happy for you!

Moonshyne was named the 2012 Kentucky State Highpoint Arabian Hunter Pleasure Horse! We are so proud of his accomplishments!


Congratulations to our 2012 National Champions!!!!!!!!!!! 

KW Kharisma ~ USEF National Champion Arabian Hunter Open, 

Patriot V ~ USEF National Reserve Champion Arabian Hunter Open   

 KW Kharisma ~ USEF National Reserve Champion Arabian Hunter JTR

AHA Awards

Congratulations to our Horses and Riders for their great achievements!

Patriot V++ AHA Legion of Honor and Merit, Just Breezin By++ AHA Legion of Honor and Merit, Whittnee+ Legion of Honor, Jennifer~ AHA Horseman of Supreme Merit and Handler of Honor and Katherine Tate ~ AHA Horseman of Merit

We will honor these acheivements by presenting these horses and riders their awards in Center Ring at the Music City Horse Show in Murfreesboro, TN Saturday Nov 17 and will follow with a party at the stalls that evening! Please join us as we salute these great accomplishments!

USEF Horse of the Year Awards

USEF Banquet 2012USEF Banquet 2012

USEF Banquet 2012 Katherine Tate, Grandpa Brown and mom SusanUSEF Banquet 2012USEF Banquet 2012

Once again Firelight Arabians was honored by having 3 horses win 4 National honors for the USEF Horse of the Year. KW Kharisma was the National Horse of the Year in Hunter Pleasure Open, ridden  by Lorie Henderson, and owned by Katherine Tate. Whittnee was National Horse of the Year in Hunter Pleasure Amatuer, ridden by Jennifer Henderson, and Double Daare was National Show Horse, National Horse of the Year English Pleasure, ridden by Jennifer Henderson. To top all this off Lorie Henderson was awarded National Breeder of the Year! We can't thank everyone enough for everyone's support and hard work to make these great awards possible. We will be attending the USEF awards banquet in January to recieve them. Along with these special awards many of our horses won Regional Horse of the Year awards too. A great ending to a great year, Congratulations to everyone!!!!





Horse of the Year Results

KW Kharisma

  • USEF National Champion Hunter Open 
  • 3rd National Hunt JTR
  • R12 Champion Hunt Open
  • R12 Res. Champ Hunt JTR
  • R13 Res. Champ Hunt Open
  • R13 3rd Hunt JTR
  • R13 3rd Halter
  • R14 Champion Hunt Open
  • R14 Res. Champ Hunt JTR
  • R14 4th Halter
  • R15 Res. Champ Hunt Open
  • R15 Res. Champ Hunt JTR

 Kharisma beat 120 horses in the 2011 Show Season


  •  USEF National Champion Hunter ATR
  • 3rd National Hunter Open
  • R12 Champion Hunter ATR
  • R12 Res. Champ Hunt Open
  • R13 3rd Hunt Open
  • R13 Res. Champ Hunt ATR
  • R14 Champion Hunt ATR
  • R14 Res. Champ Hunt Open
  • R15 4th Hunter ATR

Whittnee beat 180 in the 2011 Show Season

Double Daare

  • USEF National Champion NSH English Pl
  • National Res. Champ HA English Open
  • 6th National HA Halter
  • 3rd National HA English ATR
  • R12 Champion HA English ATR
  • R12 Champion HA English Open
  • R12 4th HA Halter
  • R13 Champion HA English Open
  • R13 Champion HA Halter
  • R13 Res. Champ HA English ATR
  • R14 Champion HA English Open
  • R14 Res. Champ HA English ATR
  • R14 3rd HA Halter
  • R15 Champion HA English ATR

Fuel Afire

  • 6th National Country ATR
  • R12 Res. Champ Country ATR
  • R12 4th Country Open
  • R13 Champion Country Open
  • R13 Champion Country ATR
  • R13 6th Specialty
  • R14 3rd Specialty
  • R14 3rd Country Open
  • R14 3rd Country ATR
  • R15 Res. Champ Country ATR

Sierra Midnite

  • 6th National HA Western JTR
  • R12 Champion HA Western JTR
  • R12 4th HA Hunt JTR
  • R13 Champion HA Western JTR
  • R13 Champion HA Sport Horse
  • R13 Champion HA Hunt JTR
  • R13 Res. Champ HA Specialty
  • R13 Res. Champ HA Hunt Open
  • R14 Champion HA Western Open
  • R14 Champion HA Western JTR
  • R14 Res. Champ HA Hunt JTR
  • R14 3rd HA Hunt Open
  • R14 5th Sport Horse
  • R15 3rd HA Western JTR


  • 6th National Halter
  • R12 Champion Halter
  • R13 Res. Champ Halter
  • R14 Res. Champ Sport Horse
  • R14 5th Hunt ATR
  • R14 6th Halter
  • R14 6th Hunt Open

Just Breezin By

  • R12 3rd Hunter Open
  • R13 5th Hunter Open
  • R14 3rd Hunter Open
  • R14 6th Sport Horse

PA Sassporilla

  • R12 3rd Hunt ATR
  • R12 6th Hunt Open
  • R13 3rd Hunt Open
  • R13 3rd Hunt ATR
  • R14 Res. Champ Hunter ATR
  • R14 4th Hunt Open
  • R14 5th Sport Horse

Sassporilla beat 124 horses in the 2011 Show Season


  • R12 Champion HA Hunt Open
  • R12 4th HA Hunt ATR
  • R15 5th HA Hunt Open

Monster Truck

  • R13 4th HA Halter

Xanadus Whimsical

  • R12 3rd Halter
  • R14 4th Halter
  • R14 5th Hunt JTR

 Congratulations to all the horses and

riders on their amazing


Congratulations to Sierra Midnite and Katherine Tate!

Following this year's Regional shows, Katherine Tate and Sierra Midnite racked up enough points to earn Sierra's Legion of Honor. This is a huge accomplishment and her award plaque is on it's way from AHA. She won this award with points earned in Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Side Saddle~ English and Western, Western Horsemanship, Sport Horse Under Saddle,Sport Horse In Hand, and Sport Horse Show Hack.  We will announce when we will hold Sierra's Legion of Honor presentation and awards ceremony. Congratulations to Katherine on all your hard work and to Sierra for being such a talented and loyal show horse!!! Sierra's name will officially be followed by a plus sign as a symbol of this great achievement!!! Congrats to Sierra Midnite +  ~

2011 Regional Championship Show Overview

Thank you to all of our clients who participated in the Regional shows, and congratulations on all of your wins! In total our horses garnered 7 Regional Champions, 6 Regional Reserve Champions and 19 Top Fives, which makes it our best year to date!!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone, we couldn't do it without you!!!!

Region 13 ChampionshipRegion 14 ChampionshipsRegion 13 Offsite Sport Horse Championships

New Riding Students Join the Firelight Team!

We want to welcome our new riding students! Adding to the kids team are Sophie Hall and Jacklyn Carter, check them out on the kids page! Joining our Adults are Henrietta Ellzey, Ragheed Katkhuda, and Crystal Korff, we are glad to have all of you and look forward to your exciting riding careers!!!

In Memory of Khemosha Bey +//

  We are sad to announce the premature passing of Khemosha Bey + //. He passed away after intensive colic surgery from post-op complications. We only had him for a short time but he had a major impact on our lives as well as on Katherine, who showed him to several Regional titles, including 2 Championships and several top fives. Throughout his illustrious career he showed in Western Pl Open, JTR, & ATR, Hunter Pl Open, JTR & ATR, Sidesaddle Western, Halter, Dressage, and Western Horsemanship/Equitation. In total he garnered 10 Regional Top 5's , 3 Championships & 1 Reserve, and 1 National Top Ten in Western Pl. In Hunter Pl, he earned 1 Champion, 1 Reserve and 1 Top Five. In Dressage he acquired 4 Regional Top Fives, a Reserve National Championship and 1 National Top Ten! Overall, he had more than 80 class "A" Wins!!! He was such a fantastic horse through it all. He always gave 100% in every class, everytime.

  Several weeks prior to his death, we learned that Khemosha Bey + // had attained the "Legion of Excellence" award. He is also in the running for several of 2010 USEF Horse of The Year Awards.

He was Proudly owned by Katherine Tate. He is buried on Firelight Arabians farm overlooking the barns and pastures.

We all miss so much, he was truly one of a kind...

Memorial Video

Katherine & Khemosha at Region 14.Khemosha Bey + //
Kat & Khemosha Bey + // at Region 14

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