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Lorie Henderson, owner and trainer of Firelight Arabians, has been training Arabians for more than 28 years. She first started showing Arabians is 1981 and has enjoyed them ever since. Lorie trains and shows in Hunter Pleasure, Sidesaddle, Sport Horse, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Sport Horse In Hand, and Halter.

     She especially loves to work with amateur and junior riders. Putting a kid and a horse together and making a winning team out of them is so rewarding. Firelight Arabians attends approximately 4 Class A shows, Ohio Buckeye, and 3 Regionals. Youth Nationals, Canadian Nationals, US Nationals, and Sport Horse Nationals are decided on each year by the clients and their needs. Come ride with us and have the time of your life!


Training Fees 2019/2020

Full Training and Board / month                                        $800.00

Stall Board / Month                                                            $525.00

Does not include grains, supplements, vitamins etc...

 Show Fees~

Training/Schooling Shows (local)                                      $200.00

Class "A"                                                                           $475.00

Buckeye                                                                            $775.00

Regionals                                                                          $850.00

Nationals                                                                         $2800.00

Trailering Fees .95 cents per mile,  $100.00 min.

Other Show fees~

 Grooms fee at show, set up decorations, hospitality.     Pro-rated 

Lessons  per hour                                                               $50.00

A 1.5% late fee will be assessed to all unpaid balances per month

Prices subject to change with out notice

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Updated- 8-26-2019



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