We were very honored to be apart of Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park to demo the Arabian horse breed. We give three demonstrations through the three day weekend in front of thousands of children and their families. Team Firelight, along with many surrounding farms, bring their Arabian horses to this event every year so that we can expose people to their beauty and kindness. Our demo includes Hunter Pl, Sport Horse Under Saddle and In Hand, Show Hack, Country Pl, Native Costume, Driving, Halter, Jumping, Dressage, Endurance, and Trail. We take great pride in our demo and all the horses are turned out like they are getting ready to show, then afterwards we stand outside of the arena for a meet and greet where that horses are swarmed by hundres upon hundreds of children and families who are dying to pet an Arabian Horse. If you are in Ky in July, take a trip to the Ky Horse Park and see what its all about! Volunteers always welcome!


Breyerfest 2013 Story

   What a great event!! Firelight Arabians performed in front of sold out crowds at the biggest Breyerfest ever! There were more than 8000 tickets sold. The horses were shown to music and a script explaining their discipline, it's history and how it is shown today. They were surrounded by crowds after each performance, and had many pictures taken with people from all over the country. We were proud of our riders and horses, everyone looked so good. We demonstrated 7 different styles of riding. Sierra Midnite and Becca rode Western Side Saddle, Patriot V  and Lorie, Hunter Pl., Tazzer was halter with McCartney Swears, Stephanie Henderson, Shatonna was a hunter with McCartney Swears, Tabitha Taylor and Marsha Watts. Diamonds Afire exhibited Country English pl. with Jennifer Henderson, Augustara Bey and Brinley Swears showed the Show Hack, and Xanadus Whimsical was a Native Costume horse with Brooke Borders. Were are proud to be the only Arabians at Breyerfest and were asked to come back next year! See you there!


 Diamonds Afire/Jennifer  Sierra Midnite/Becca                Xanadus Whimsical & Brooke                                Shatonna & Tabitha                                             Augustara Bey & Brinley

              Tazzer & McCartney                           Augustara/Brinley  Patriot/Lorie  Diamonds/Jennifer         Whimsey & Brooke                           The whole group!

Breyerfest 2013

Firelight Arabians has been asked to bring our Arabians to the 2013 Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horsepark, in Lexington, KY. We will be doing a daily demonstration in the covered arena to showcase many of the disciplines that Arabians are used in. We are using horses and riders from Firelight. This is an honor to be able to represent our breed to this international event. If you come to Breyerfest, please come by our stalls and visit with us and meet the show horses.


BAHA Awards Banquet 2012

Congratulations to everyone for a great year! We had a really fun time at the Annual BAHA Awards Banquet. Great food, great friends, thank you all again!

Stephanie Henderson ~ Highpoint Horsemanship      Katerine Tate ~ Highpoint Hunter JTR w/ KW Kharisma   McCartney Swears ~ Highpoint WalkTrot Pl. & Equitation  

                                                                                 Hunter Pl. / Side Saddle/ w/ Sierra Midnite  

Jennifer Henderson ~ H/P Adult Hunter Pl. w/ Whittnee          Lorie Henderson ~ H/P Hunter Pl. Open, Jr. Horse           Brinley Swears~ H/P Hunter Equitation 13 & Under

Highpoint Adult Country Pl. / Show Hack w/ Fuel Afire                Sport Horse Under Saddle w/ Just Breezin By


Firelight Arabians Barn Loft Party and Sleepover!

Firelight Arabians hosted a Loft Party and sleepover for the Firelight riding team! They girls came over for a day of riding then to the pool in the afternoon to cool down. After a BBQ and bonfire with smores, they had a night swim and then to the spacious loft for sherades, movies and music. They spent the night in the barn loft and had a great time. The next morning they indulged in Chocolate Chip pancakes and off to the barn for more riding. They really had a great time and we love to see them get together fun and giggles!!!

Legion of Execellance presentation Buckeye 2011

The Presentation of Khemosha's Legion of Excellance award was a very emotional one for everyone that was watching. There was hardly a dry eye in the arena, especially in the Firelight group. As the announcer began a short speech about Khemosha's success, Kat walked into the arena in her show clothes, carrying Khemosha's bridle, crying the whole way. It was difficult to listen to all of the things that he had won, while watching Kat come into the arena by herself; but he deserved the public acknowledgement. After the presentation, we had cake and a poster board of all the winning photos of Kat and Khemo back at the Firelight stalls, during the progressive barn party. We can finally close the door on Khemos' life as this was the final hoorah for his legacy. Thanks again to everyone that supported Kat during her tough time, and to all the wonderful people that had Kheomsha in their life at one time or another! He will be forever missed!!

The Firelight Team during Khemosha's presentationKhemosha's CakeKat with Khemosha

Please Join Us in Celebrating Khemosha's Legion of Excellance

Khemosha Bey  //

Please join us at the 2011 Buckeye Championship Horse Show in the celebration of Khemosha Bey's + // Legion of Excellance presentation and party. The presentation will take place Friday afternoon and the party will be during the progressive barn party Friday night. We are all going to have a hard time presenting the award to Khemosha without him being there to recieve what he so rightfully earned!!!

Khemosha Bey // & Katherine Tate

Extreme Sport Horse Clinic and Youth Day

Firelight Arabians will host The Extreme Sport Horse Clinic on February 26-27, 2011. This will be two days of intense learning and a great way to kick off the upcoming show season with help form the best! Carol Dean Porter, noted Sport Horse Judge will be here on Saturday to teach Sport Horse Under Saddle, Sport Horse In Hand and Over Fences. Greta Wrigley, one of the top Dressage coaches and clinicians will be here on Sunday for Dressage (all levels), Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage, and Sport Horse Show Hack. On Saturday we will have a special Youth Forum for some one on one with kids 17 & under to ask their own questions. They will recieve a gift bag with a $15.00 gift certificate to Kentucky Horse Supply and a chance to win a Dressage or Eventing Bridle! We will also have the American Warmblood Society here for Inspections and Branding on Saturday. Come join us, we have something for everyone!  Email us at for more information.

Firelight Arabians Clients volunteer at the World Equestrian Games!

      Firelight Arabians had 8 clients volunteer at the Games! We all worked in the Arabian Horse Galleries to Promote the Arabian Horse Gelding Raffle. Our volunteers gave away T-Shirts, calendars and Modern Arabian Subscriptions with every ticket purchase. Some of us worked at the table in the Galleries and the rest went out into the Games and handed out pamphlets and Calendars to get people interested in the raffle. We worked many days and long hours, but it was really special to be a part of something so important and historic. We met people from all over the world, and it was really spectacular. We sold over 1500 raffle tickets, with the proceeds going to the Arabian Horse Youth Scholarship Fund! Thanks again to team Firelight for volunteering 255 hours! You all went far beyond the call of duty!

Katherine & Jennifer outside the Arabian Galleries at WEGBrinley & Kathryn paint Breyers at WEGFirelight team at WEG raffle table

Diamonds Afires' first foals have arrived!!!

We would like to welcome Diamonds Afires' first foals! They are more than we could have hoped for and we are glad he is producing the way we thought he could! Here are some picutres of the babies!!

I Deliver  2010 colt by Diamonds AfireI Deliver 2010 coltI Deliver 2010 coltI Deliver 2010 colt

This Colt is out of our saddlebred mare I Deliver(by Supreme Delivery). This is our first foal out of this mare and we are very pleased with the results. Deliver is about 17 hands tall and the colt is big and growing at an out of control rate!! He is very upright and flashy. He is about one month old in these pictures.

Atlantic Breeze 2010 fillyAtlantic Breeze 2010 fillyAtlantic Breeze 2010 fillyAtlantic Breeze 2010 filly

This Filly is out of Atlantic Breeze( by Altantis Bey V) and by Diamonds Afire. She is only about one week old in these pictures. She is very full of herself and is always trotting around her pasture like she is the Queen. She has lots of motion for her age and we can't wait to see how she ages.


Arabian Horse Galleries Grand Opening 2010

  The Firelight Arabian crew helped the Arabian Horse Association during the Grand Opening of the Arabian Horse Galleries. Stephanie, Katherine Tate & Kathryn Curtis worked the book give away table, while Lorie & Jennifer worked the VIP check-in table. The Event was a big success and tons of fun. We were all proud to be involved in something that could change the publics mind about arabian horses!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped!!!!


              Go Firelight!!!!!

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