Patriot V ~ Lorie Henderson

Patriot V+++/ started his Show career in 2012 as a four year old. He is shown in Hunter Pleasure, Sport Horse Under Saddle and In Hand. Patriot has won show Championships in every show he has been in and also earned several Regional Championships, Reserves and Top 5's. He has a cute personality and loves people.

Whittnee ~ Jennifer Henderson

Whittnee + is a 2002 mare that was bred by Firelight Arabians. She is a very stoic, tough, survivalist, who is very sweet, gentle and unassuming. She is our reliable horse- never making a mistake in any class. Whittnee is one of our most accomplished horses in her years of showing. Whit shows in Hunter Pl, Sport Horse Under Saddle and In Hand. She has countless wins at class "A" shows, Regional Top 5's, and several National Top Tens. Whittnee can go down any trail and get through any obstacle without complaint, walk over tarps, carry flags, drag bags, she does it all!!! She is the brave lead mare of the group!!!

Whittnee Region 13 Hunter Pl Top 5Whittnee at a Trail Ride in Mammoth Cave National Park

Just Breezin By ~ Lorie Henderson

Just Breezin By +++/ - "The Brown One" is a 2006 year old mare who has won many top titles in the Sport Horse and Hunter Division. She has won many Regional Championships, Reserves and Top 5's in the Sport Horse division with Junior riders as well as in the Open Group. In 2014 she added her first National Top Tens to her resume in Sport Horse Under Saddle JTR, Sport Horse Show Hack, and Sport Horse Mares in Hand. This mare is super laid back, loves to stretch and has no personnal space. She is very sweet and is good on the trail. Breezin is a very honest and brave horse that always does her job even if it is slow!!!

Just Breezin By & Lorie Hunter Pl Jr HorseBreezin Region 14 Reserve Champ SHUS Jr Horse

Sierra Midnite ~ Katherine Tate

Sierra Midnite ++// , is a 2002 mare, who is very cagey and smart as a whip. She and her owner Kathrine Tate have won countless awards together. She is accomplished in Hunter JTR, Sport Horse Under Saddle and In Hand, English Sidesaddle, Western JTR, Western EQ, Western Horsemanship, Sport Horse Show Hack, and Western Sidesaddle. She has picked up many Regional Championships, Reserves and Top 5's in her highly decorated career, as well as Reserve National Championships and Top Tens! She is mellow and just keeps going and going and going- no matter how many classes she has!!! She is an amazing horse!

Sierra & Kat English Sidesaddle 2010Kat & Sierra Region 14 Horsemanship, EQ, Sidesaddle Western & Western Pl JTR ChampSierra & Kat Trail RidingSierra Midnite Champion Western Sidesaddle

Tazzer ~ Jennifer Henderson

Tazzer ++/ is a 2004 gelding that was bred by Firelight Arabians. He is our ultimate in oversized personality. He was named Tazzer because as a baby he loved escaping the electric fence(not caring about being shocked) and destroying the feed & tack rooms. He thinks that he rules the world when it comes to showing. Everytime he leaves his stall, his tail is curled up over his butt and snorting and blowing all the way to the arena, even if there is nobody around!!! Despite his pompousness he has a long list of accomplishments in the show ring. He has numerous Regional Top 5's, Champions & Reserves in Halter, Sport Horse Under Saddle Open, ATR & Jr Horse. Taz has also achieved several Reserve National Championships and National Top Tens in the Sport Horse Division. He started showing as a yearling and he is always just as excited about the next show as he was the last. He is the biggest attention hog, the complete Jim Carey of the Barn!!!!!

Tazzer Region 13 Champ Gelding Halter Tazzer Region 14 Sport Horse Top 5

KW Kharisma ~ Katherine Tate

KW Kharisma +, aka "Tim". Katherine Tate owns and shows this big, goofy, beautiful horse. He is a 2005 year old Gelding that thinks life is super exciting. His big personality always keeps the barn entertained. He has had a very successful career so far, with Regional Championships, Reserves and Top Fives at Region 14 and 13 in Hunter JOTR and Halter JTH. He is a big guy with a lot of heart, but he and Kat make a great team!!! Congrats on all your wins so far and good luck in the future!!!!

Kat & Kharisma Top 8 Buckeye 2011Kat & Kharisma Region 13 Hunter JOTR 13 & Under ChampKat & Kharisma 4x Champion at Shennendoah 2011

Fuel Afire ~ Jennifer Henderson

Fuel Afire is a beautiful, lovable, gelding sired by the legendary Afire Bey V. Fuel has many great titles to his name in a very small amount of shows. He saves all his energy for the show ring, being super lazy at home. He lives to show and is Mister Photogenic, always getting stunning pictures. He was a Country Pl JTR finalist at Youth Nationals, his 3rd show, and Buckeye Champion at his 1st show. He now has several Regional Champions, Reserves and Top 5's to his name in Country Pl ATR & English Show Hack. His nickname is "Pudgy" as he loves food!! If he isn't showing he is eating,but we love him anyway!!!

Fuel Afire Show Hack Top 8 BuckeyeFuel Afire Region 13 Champ Country Pl ATR 2010Fuel Afire Region 14 Reserve Champ Country ATR

Double Daare ~ Jennifer Henderson

Double Daare, DD, a 2003 mare sired by the great Baske Afire and out of an ASB mare. DD keeps us busy because she is always on the go. Though her career as an English Horse was fairly short, she has done pretty well. She also was awarded 2 Regional Championships in Half Arabian Mare Halter. DD is very serious and is like riding a rocket ship all the time- she definately keeps you in shape!!!! The 10,000 calorie ride!!! Double Daare won 2 Reserve National Championships and several Top Tens at National Show Horse Finals. She just keeps getting better and better! She will now join some of the other mares in the breeding barn!!!

Double Daare Top 5 Buckeye NSH EnglishDD Region 14 Champ HA Mare HalterDouble Daare Region 14 Top5 Select English Pl

Xanadus Whimsical ~ Katherine Tate

 Whimsey in photo shoot for Miss Teen KY winner Larua Jones

Xanadus Whimsical-"Whimsey", is a 1996 grey mare. Whimsey was Kat's 1st horse, whom she showed through walk-trot and into 13 & Under. She has shown in Hunter Pl, Sport Horse Under Saddle & In Hand, Native Costume and Halter. Whimsey has multiple Regional Reserve Championships and Regional Top 5's in Halter, Hunter and Sport Horse in Hand. Whimsey is a great horse with lots of patience, teaching many people to ride. When she isn't showing she is on the trail or going over jumps with Kat. She is trustworthy, reliable and sweet. Now owned by Firelight as a lesson and beginner show horse.

Whimsey Native Costume Region 13Whimsey Sport Horse Under Saddle Shennendoah 2011Whimsey & Kat Region 14 Reserve Champ JTR

Whimsey Region 14 Top 5 Hunt JTRWhimsey jumping during summer break 

Yosemitee, or as we call her, "Yo" is a 2002 mare bred by Firelight Arabians. She is out of our Barbary+++ daughter, Windsong, and is just like her mom. She is quiet, very relaxed, and slow is her favorite gait! She has done well in the show ring in Hunter Pl. Jr horse, Open, Walk/ Trot Hunter Pl, and Sport Horse Under Saddle. Her main job right now is teaching kids and adults how to ride. Yo has done a wonderful job with new riders and is endlessly patient and always happy. Slow Yo is great out on the trail and loves to play in the creek, dunking her nose in up to her eyes, splashing and getting everyone wet. We love our Yo and she is always willing and able to do her job with a horse smile on her face!
FF Windsong Bey
FF Windsong Bey, is one of our older mares that has contributed to the farm in many ways for many years.  Windsong is a beautiful daughter of the famous Barbary+++ , and she was a top show horse many years ago. She won huge Hunter Pl. classes and also took Jennifer to the show ring in Leadline, Walk/Trot and 13 & under, and helped launch her show career. Jennifer is now a college graduate! Windsong is great with young children and is a fantastic lesson horse, always keeping a metronome pace. She is reliable and is such a good teacher and babysitter for even  the smallest child. Windsong has had five babies for us, Tazzer ++/, Yosemitee, Hurricaane owned by Heather Perez, Bey Windchime (sold to CA), and Diamonds Afire our young stallion and son of Afire Bey V. She the Matriarch of our farm.
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